Wine list

Dear guests, Dear wine connoisseurs

I am pleased to be able to present this wine list, where you will discover many of the great wines of Italy and the world. When selecting the varieties it was not just a matter of good wines, but also about some absolute rarities. Take your time to study the wine list. Just take the courage to try new wines. You will see: It's worth it!

I hope you appreciate it.

Yours Teresio Bruni

White wines



  0,75 | 0,25l  
Gavi Valentino DOCG, La Scolca   25,90 rich range of fragrances, the palate soft and comfortable. The Gavi is one of the finest white wines of Italy.
Roero Arneis Langhe DOC, Pescaja   29,50 sustainable and flamboyant scent of banana and pineapple very nice body, makes for a pleasant drinkability.


Riesling DOC, I Gessi   23,50 | 7,90 "Oltreppo Pavese"
a fresh and delicate wine, good struckturiert and with a long, intense reverberation
(This wine is specially bottled for the Galatea)
Pinot Grigio, I Gessi   24,50 | 8,30 "Oltreppo Pavese"
white distinctive fruity, fine and resistant, scent of vanilla and lime blossom.
(This wine is specially bottled for the Galatea)

Lake Garda

Lugana DOC, Zenato   29,50 "San Benedetto"
reintönig in color, fragrance fresh, fruity and strong, well-balanced taste.


  0,75 | 0,25l  
Sauvignon Blanc IGP, Pierpaolo Pecorari   33,50 the bouquet is intense and fragrant, the taste is dry and well structured.
Chardonnay, Venica & Venica   39,50 gentle, varietal Chardonnay, flatters the palate, spicy and stimulating, very harmonious taste.


Vernaccia di San Gemignano DOCG, Mormoraia   29,90 characteristic bouquet, simultaneously floral and fruity, with notes of wood, spices and vanilla.


Falerio Grotte sul Mare, Carminucci   24,50 Falerio has a brilliant pale yellow color, the bouquet is flowery. The scent and taste light and easily digestible.


Greco di Tufo DOCG, Petilia   29,90 invites with its fruity aromas of apricots, peaches and pears.


Judeka Greganico, Blandine   25,90 fresh and fruity with citrus flavors. A nice summer wine, which is also wonderful served as an aperitif.

Red wines



  0,75 | 0,25l  
Barolo DOCG, Abbona   69,00 a wine with an excellent power of expression, ruby ​​red color. Very well coordinated alcohol and a powerful tannins.


Barbera Oltrepo Pavese I, I Gessi   22,50 | 7,50 he has a bouquet of cherries strawberries blackberries and, with scent of cinnamon, vanilla and green pepper. Full-bodied and pleasantly fresh.
Bonarda Oltrepo Pavese, I Gessi   25,50 | 8,50 the grapes are dried slowly before the vinification, the wine has a dark ruby red color with crimson hues. Full wide bouquet, elegant alcoholic. On the palate, full-bodied, life here is really celebrated.
Cabernet Sauvignon, I Gessi   24,50 the flavor is rich and concentrated, with hints of black berry jam in the aftertaste. The wine has an elegant body is dry and has a long harmonious finish. (100% Barbera)
Vino Nobile dell Oltrepo Pavese Rugla IGT, Marchese Adomo   34,50 the taste is full, the same floral and fruity, with notes of wood, spices and vanilla. A wine for all the senses.
Magnum Rugla Oltrepo Pavese, Marchese Adomo   69,50 characteristic bouquet, simultaneously floral and fruity, with notes of wood, spices and vanilla. (100% Barbera)
Dodicidodici DOC Castello di Cicognola, Moratti   28,50 strong purple color, the smell elegant, lovely and inviting on the palate much structure, richness and smoothness
Barbera La Maga DOC Castello di Cicognola, Moratti   44,50 The wine has an elegant body, the flavor is rich, concentrated, dry and has a long harmonious finish.
3 glasses in the Gambero Rosso


Merlot Baolar, Pierpaolo Pecorari   39,90 the Merlot is ruby red, has a fresh, pleasant bouquet, dry, tasty, full-bodied and spicy.


Montepulciano d`Abruzzo Collo, Cantina Tollo   23,50 Hints of herbal spices and red fruits, fresh and pithy tannin very reminiscent of first-class Languedoc wines.


Chianti Colli Sensi DOCG, Casabian   23,50 manual selection of the best Sangiovese and Canaiolo vines. Refining in bottle for at least 12 months.
Chianti Classico DOCG, Casa Emma   29,50 manual selection, aging in the bottle for at least 12 months. Garnet red color, typical cherry fruit on the nose, soft and juicy on the palate. In the finish, powerful and long.
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, Poliziano   39,50 rich and dense ruby red color, taste a beautiful fruit, reminiscent of ripe, dark cherries, a round finish.
Morellino di Scansano DOC, La Mozza   27,50 He convinces by its excellent fruitiness, its softness and simultaneously refreshing acidity.


Primitivo di Manduria DOC   27,50 the Primitivo has become the trend places but does not deny its origin, deep fruitiness and great wealth.


Nero d` Avola IGT - Bio, Judeka   27,50 biologically-without Barrique. Hand picking, dense ruby, pure fruit flavors.

Foreign red wines


Côtes Catalanes Rouge, Domaine Lafage   27,50 a fruity wine with spicy aromas, yet elegant and straightforward. Also good to drink in the summer, beautiful structure.


Finca Sobreno Crianza, Bodegas Sobreno   28,50 savory balsamic and spicy aromas combined with notes of black currant, accompanied by soft tannins.


  0,75 l 69,90  
Amarone Brigaldara     deep dark red, a pronounced fruity bouquet, full body with plenty of fruit, taste dry and strong, long-lasting finish.
Brunello di Montalcino "Solaria" DOCG, Cencioni Patrizia     garnet in color, a scent reminiscent of forest fruits and jam. He has an elegant body and a harmonious finish.
Ornellaia Tenuta, Ornellaia     a raised, soft and concentrated red from Tuscany. Deeper and racy aromas of cherries and black berries with noble wood flavors. The immensely voluminous flavor, dense, juicy and powerfully ends in a very crisp finish.
Sassicaia     expressive Cabernet character, aromatic, low odor, strong, dry and rich.
Tiganello, Marchesi Antinori     characteristic bouquet, delicious fruit of ripe berries with floral notes, elegant tannins and subtle oak spice from maturation in oak barrels.
Solaia, Marchesi Antinori     the rich Cabernet character with thick fabric and spicy tannins bring out a gentle elegance here remembers the most fulfilling to the senses and the heart beauty of Tuscany. Matured in barriques.
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Wine by the glass

House wines

  0,25 | 0,5 | 1,0l  
White   6,50 | 12,90 | 24,90  
Rod   6,50 | 12,90 | 24,90  
Rose   6,50 | 12,90 | 24,90  
Lambrusco   6,50 | 12,90 | 24,90  


1 glass 0,1l 6,50  
1 bottle 0,75l 45,50  

White wine

  0,25 | 0,5l  
Pinot Grigio Oltrepo Pavese   7,90 | 15,80 the classic Italian white, made ​​from the grape Cortese
Riesling Oltrepo Pavese   7,90 | 15,80 his body makes for a pleasant drinkability, a fresh delicate wine

Red wine

  0,25 | 0,5l  
Barbera Oltrepo Pavese   8,50 | 17,00 Characteristic bouquet, same flowery, full-bodied and pleasantly fresh
Bonarda Oltrepo Pavese   8,50 | 17,00 Ruby red color, typical cherry fruit on the nose, soft and juicy on the palate, life here is really celebrated.


    0,75 | 0,25l  
Marche Rosato 20% Ventipercento, Spinsanti   24,50 | 6,90 in the nose fresh wild berries. On the palate, crisp, lends itself very well with light dishes.
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