Our menu

Lunch meal

alternating weekly
fish & meat dishes
from 14,90€


In addition there is a menu with daily updated dishes.

Evening menu

Our philosophy:

Why is the one who looks at a beautiful painting or listens to a symphony higher regarded as someone who enjoys a good meal? (Inventor of Italian cuisine)

Whether daily fresh fish, meat dishes, such as Veal cutlet or simply classic pasta in many variations, is with us for all tastes.

Note in particular our excellent desserts, which are of course also freshly prepared.

Antipasti / Vorspeisen

Bruschetta "Galatea"   8,90 toasted ciabatta slices with tomato, basil and herbs
Original Lardo di Colonnata   8,90 (on ​​toasted ciabatta bread with honey)
the delicious bacon from the company Venanzio is imported directly from Colonnata by us.
Caramelized goat cheese   13,50 on salad
Caprese Originale   14,50 with fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil pesto
Antipasto Misto All'Italiana   15,50 our composition of classic Italian starters
Parma ham   15,50 with pecorino cheese, pear slices and pine nuts on rocket
Carpaccio of Argentine beef   15,50 with olive oil, parmesan cheese and fresh mushrooms
Fresh roasted scallops   16,90 in saffron sauce on spinach served in a bowl


Noble fish soup "Galatea"   12,90 with toasted garlic bread


Big salad plate   9,50 green salad with house dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
Mixed salad of the season   15,50 in extra virgin olive oil & balsamico
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Pasta, fish and meat dishes

Our pasta, fish and meat dishes vary, as we buy only the best ingredients, depending on season and demand, daily fresh for you.

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Dessert in the evening

Selection of cheese on the board   11,90 with rose jam, honey and ciabatta
Tirami Su   8,50  
Crème Caramel   8,50  
Crème Brûllèe   8,90  
White truffle ice on limoncello   9,50  
Dessert composition "Galatea"   10,90  

Ice cream and cake (12 to 16 o'clock)

Chocolate ice cream   5,50 Chocolate drink with bourbon vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
Ice caffè   5,50 aromatic caffè with bourbon vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
Gentle angel   6,50 Bourbon vanilla ice cream, orange juice
Coppa Stracciatella   6,50 Stracciatella ice cream, bourbon vanilla and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and eggnog
Coppa Amarena   5,50 Bourbon vanilla ice cream, Amarena cherries and cream
mixed ice   5,50 3 scoops of ice cream from our range
    5,50 - with cream
Mixed ice cream with fruits   6,50 2 scoops of vanilla bourbon ice cream, 1 scoop of sherbet and fruit - with cream, for our little guests
Ice bee   3,90 1 scoop of Bourbon vanilla ice cream, 1 scoop of sherbet with chocolate beans
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